Enterprising education curriculum for 1st -9th graders

basic school
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Own subject

Integration into other subjects

Short description, goal of the curriculum (what does it support and how, describe the subject entity in a concrete manner, open the content)

Participating citizenship and entrepreneurship subject entity

Among others, the student

• learns to understand the meaning, operation and needs of the school community, public sector, business life and organisations from the perspective of a functioning society.

• learns to form his or her own critical opinion by utilising different forms of expertise

• learns to participate in a meaningful manner and take responsibility for the management of common issues in the school and local community

• learns to face and handle change, uncertainty and conflict

• learns skills for internal entrepreneurship and learns about business life.


FI: preparation of reports and tasks, use of computer, articulacy

ART: planning of reports, photography, building

CR: planning and building

MU: (younger students) professional songs

ENV.S, BG, GEO, HI and SS: combining the projects to the curricula contents (e.g. use of map, impact of history to the current situation, public services)


For whom?

1st - 9th graders


What? (When?)

Implemented during the school year on a project basis.


How? (method/

implementation method)

1st grade: Me (my strengths and resources)

→ Me + You = Us (programme produced by Junior Achievement)

2nd grade: Own family/home

→ interviews of family members, introduction of home

3rd grade: Home town (getting to know services and companies)

→ job orienteering in the businesses in town

→ cooperation with Vellamo

4th grade: Structure and operation of the city

→ What do people do – what takes place in a city? (programme produced by Junior Achievement)

5th grade: Use of money and planning

→ Own finances (programme produced by Junior Achievement)

(→ 6h camp in cooperation with lower secondary school?)

6th grade: Entrepreneurship, public and private services

→ day in a company (interview, preparing a presentation)

→ introductory visits

7th grade: Study skills and searching for the dream occupation

→ mapping your own strengths and learning styles

→ job orienteering in the educational field (what occupation, which study field)

8th grade: Your own educational field

→ company introductions

→ 6h camp in cooperation with Ekami Vocational College

9th grade: Independence

→ Tuning (repair an old piece of clothing/furniture etc. to a usable condition for yourself)

→ familiarisation with municipal services with functional tasks

School - company cooperation

Cooperation with companies and agencies located on the centre of Kotka.


How to implement

Assessment of the implementation

The plan will be introduced in the staff meeting in August 2011 and implemented in the first school year in as many grades as possible.


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